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Most people don’t think about their battery until it fails. They turn the key over and hear that dreaded “click” and then nothing happens. Or the sad sound of the engine trying to start and getting weaker.

Batteries don’t seem to last as long as they used to. This is because they have far more demands on them today. This is due to all the extra electronic gadgets and systems equipped on many newer vehicles.

Extreme hot or cold weather can also shorten the life of your battery.

There are some signs that your battery is in need of an inspection from your local auto repair shop.

  • If your vehicle struggles to start, then it might not be holding a charge between start-ups. If it eventually starts, then it is likely to be a problem with the battery.
  • If the lights fade while starting the vehicle or shortly after it has started running.
  • The clicking sound we mentioned earlier. Clicking without starting is very likely a weak or dead battery.
  • Electronic devices such as power windows operating slower than usual. Lights and indicators not shining as bright.

Most batteries won’t last 4 years before needing replacing, without proper maintenance.

Along with maintaining your battery, you must pay attention to its cables as well. Loose connections, corrosion, and cable breakage can interfere with your battery’s performance.

Your battery cables connect to your battery. If the connection has vibrated loose, this can lead to a weak or intermittent flow of power. It can also affect the charging of the battery.

Corrosion is first seen on the battery terminals and the battery cable connections. Left in this condition, it can lead to a failure to start your engine. It can also cause problems for your vehicle’s onboard computer.

Corroded battery cables can lead to the need to replace other more costly components.

What do proper battery and battery cable maintenance consist of?

  • The battery must be clean of all corrosive material.
  • Battery connections must be tight
  • A Serviceable battery needs to have the fluid level checked
  • The battery should be regularly tested.

Check out this video on how batteries in your vehicle work,

Talk to your local auto repair shop about the condition of your battery and cables. They want your vehicle to start the first time, every time, and so do you.